life sciences | fortune 500 pharmaceutical company

supply chain
semantic web integration

Project Details

  • industry
    pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • regulatory
    gxp | idmp | gdpr
  • methodologies
    agile | prince2 | double-d
  • scope
    systems | processes | data
  • it landscape
    sap | vocbench | salesforce | odoo | mobi


define functionalities necessary to eliminate data silos and facilitate data exchanges between source- and data consumption systems in the global supply chain


"automated processes, ensuring securing highly-sensitive data exchanges, protect intellectual property and offer the ultimate user experience "
automated processes for data lifecycle activities
integration with supplier systems
inclusion of substances and components in mdm
analysis, consolidation, data cleansing, migration of data assets to lead sap system


analysis of regulatory requirements, review of internal policies and other documentation
data models & source systems
vendor management
dlm activities
supply chain, production, operations

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