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our interdisciplinary team of semantic web technologies strategy experts combines data-based findings and creative approaches to overcome complex data visualisation and data modelling challenges in real-world scenarios - helping you achieve your current and long-term business goals.

proven approach

strategic | transactional | operational | process

professional, highly-qualified consultants deliver solutions addressing our clients’ needs using flexible and scalable models

agile project management, unbiased analyses, in-depth industry regulatory knowledge or simply engaging across business boundaries

holistic and best practice guidance to enable our clients’ data management strategies through unbiased analyses and best practice methodologies

the vision

shared values
retaining our competitive edge through innovation is central to the way we operate, while improving our business processes and services.

the principles

shared values
industry standards, best practice solutions and proved, transparent methodologies form the basis of our working culture.

the motivation

shared values
we work hard to achieve our goals and we encourage our team members and partners to be ambitious, creative and consistent.

the people

shared values
we believe in working together with individuals, teams, organisations, fostering trust through creative dialogue.

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strategy & concept | pharmaceutical serialisation | governance | idmp | data management | semantic web technologies | business process optimisation | project management | analysis & benchmarking | data- & process governance | compliance | creative thinking & design | rapid prototyping | workshops & collaboration | user education & training | knowledge transfer | supply chain | cultural exchange | lgbt-related projects | interior design | the-artelier | product design | 3d printing
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