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Smooth Scroll to any Section

Create a cool "one page" layout! We have included a "smooth-scroll" function where you can scroll from menu item to any "section" where your modules are stored.

Sections: top-a, top-b, top-c, top-d, main-content, bottom-a, bottom-b, bottom-c, footer-a

Example: Scroll to bottom-c


in others' words

  • "you made us realise we had tough decisions to make to align our internal policies compliant with those of other large corporations. the bold moves helped us to move forward.

    huge thanks to you and your team, it was a pleasure working with you. talk soon!"
    -- Kate W. --
    pharmaceutical company, switzerland

  • "great approach to a very difficult situation. thank you for your diplomacy, leadership and guidance through a very challenging change process. we learned a lot about communication and transparency throughout our organisation and its employees."
    -- Robert W. --
    agrochemical company, united kingdom
  • "excellent advice and detailed small steps to achieve our goals. thank you for listening, acting and helping to implement just the right solution at the right time! without you, none of the progress would have been possible and we would have wasted so much time."
    -- Jennifer R. --
    life science company, france
  • "only the highest of praise goes to you and your team for arranging excellent workshops, information packages and coaching those of us who will now take care of ALL our employees as well as better equipped in dealing with our corporate responsibilities."
    -- Mark S. --
    global logistics service provider, germany

about bcgch

burger consulting, established in 2002 in switzerland, has grown in its vision of delivering services and products to organisations in the life science, pharmaceutical, governmental and non-profit sectors.

in july 2014 the a re-structuring took place with the decision to trade as burger consulting group to support this vision and consolidate our expertise in three areas of business, namely: sourcing, master data management and diversity & inclusion. through its growing network of business partners, the company has proved its agility and commitment to projects on a global scale, working closely with its clients to achieve the predefined goals within the required time period and within budget.

the burger consulting group

baslerstrasse 347, ch-4123 allschwil

+41 79 727 9668